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Natural Treatment Solution for Hair Fall


Natural Treatment Solution for Hair Fall

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n earlier time, hair fall was the issue of individual in their 40’s but nowadays, it is a common problem and seen in people in their 20’s. There may be many reasons for hair loss such as deficiency of vitamin, minerals, unhealthy diet, pollution, dirt, stress, exposure to sun, hormonal changes etc. and depends on person to person. If you are noticing too many hairs in your comb or brush, it may be the clear signal of hair fall and it needs to be treated. One should take healthy diet (iron, zinc and protein), drink lots of water and clean hair properly in order to get healthy and long hair.


There are Some Routine Tips Which one Should follow to Prevent Hair Fall-


  • Wash your hair after every two-three days to keep them clean because dirty hair boosts dandruff, itching and become the major cause of hair fall.
  • Many brands are offering different shampoos and conditioners, but choose mild one which contains less chemicals so that it will not harm hair.
  • Oiling is best option to prevent hair fall. It acts a stress buster and if done properly will boost the hair growth. You can choose any out of all which are available in the stores.
  • Never comb or brush your hair when they are wet because wet hair falls easily as compared to the dry hair.
  • Do not use dryer too much because the excessive use of dyer spoils the natural shine of hair and damage their texture. After wash, wrap them in a towel for a while and then let them dry naturally.
  • Use natural product such as shikakai, amla, neem leaves, heena etc. Apply their paste on your scalp, leave it for an hour and then wash it.

AUTHOR - Hair Expert